Greenkeeper Training

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Greenkeeper Training has been established to advise and guide countries on education, training and qualification structures, especially those where the game of golf is developing.

Greenkeeper Training - Europe, formerly known as the European Greenkeeping Education Unit (EGEU), was formed in 2008 and during that time has established Pan European Standards at three levels, Greenkeeper, Supervisor, and Course Manager.

Greenkeeper Training - Europe and its work, has been supported and acknowledged by golf.  The European Golf Association and the R&A are fully supportive of this strong move to Europeanise Greenkeeping educational Standards to benefit of the game that some six million golfers enjoy playing in Europe today.  The Standards have already had a an influence on Countries focusing on their educational programmes and will be of real benefit to the new emerging golf nations as they take their first steps in creating new educational programmes to support the future development of the game.

The strategy outlines the following:

Greenkeeper Training - Europe aims to serve the purpose of bringing together European Greenkeeping Education Programmes under the same quality standards of competences.  Also, it intends to be composed of representatives from respected educational institutes and administrators from within the greenkeeping sector.  Their position has to be seen as independent from their individual countries and is based upon their educational expertise.

Greenkeeper Training - Europe will work in close contact with the R&A EGA and FEGGA supporting each other in the goal to strengthen and expand greenkeeping education and training as an independent organisation.

A European framework for Greenkeeping Education and Training will be built upon a formal set of agreed quality standards. Setting quality standards will make it possible for countries to develop greenkeeping qualifications, to exchange programmes between countries and to stimulate the provision of education and training in countries new to golf.  Support will be given to golf developing countries to meet their own particular needs and each country's Golf Federation, Union and Greenkeeping Association should collaborate to work with the quality standards at the earliest opportunity.