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In 2005 a questionnaire was circulated by The R&A to the European Golf Association members (Federations and Unions) regarding the provision of greenkeeper education and training in their country.

Following a positive response from the EGA members, the general consensus was to support the establishment of a pan-European education system based on an agreed set of best practice standards.

At the Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Association (FEGGA) annual conference held in January 2006, the member Associations also supported the initiative.

A selected group of educational professionals were asked to join a Pan-European Advisory Group during 2006 and at its first meeting the following year, the Advisory Group recommended a dedicated Education Unit be established and the Unit to be known as The European Greenkeeping Education Unit (EGEU).

Funding support from The R&A, EGA and FEGGA has allowed the EGEU to develop 3 levels of Standards and an advice and guidance service.

The EGEU has helped many countries develop, improve and establish a structure of greenkeeper training.

This work is very much ongoing........

In 2013, it was agreed that the EGEU should be re-branded as Greenkeeper Training - Europe.

Greenkeeper Training has 2 Directors

David Golding, the Greenkeepers Training Committee's (GTC) Education Director, advises on all matters relating to the content of the three levels of Occupational Standards for Greenkeeper, Golf Course Supervisor and Golf Course Manager.  The provision of quality education and training will also be within David's advisory responsibilities.

Dean Cleaver, the Executive Officer to the Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Association (FEGGA), is well placed to assist the member organisations and Countries looking to use the Greenkeeper Training Standards in greenkeeping training.

Quality Standards

  • The Sharing of best practice
  • Encourage sustainable golf development and management
  • Provide qualified greenkeepers with a European passport to encourage cross border working
  • Develop quality standards which each Country in Europe can adopt
  • Support greenkeeping and golf associations in each Country to achieve this
  • Develop and promote quality education providers across Europe

The Greenkeeper Training management team

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                David Golding and Dean Cleaver

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